Aidan Visits the Pumpkin Farm

    It was a dark and dreary morning when Aidan went to the Farm.  We quickly went into the store to escape from the rain, and wait for the next instructions for the Keystone group.

the store
what's under there
"Wow, look at all this stuff!  I wonder what I can get."
"Hey, there is a lot of stuff on top of the table, but I wonder what is underneath, behind the curtain?"
feed the goat
Grandma gives Aidan instructions on the proper feeding of goats as he cautiously approaches. It is a good thing the goat has a long neck or he would never get any food.
"Wow, they have a lot of different kinds of chickens here!  I have never seen this many before."
that chicken
hurry aidan
"I like that brown and white one.  I wonder how you can feed them?"
Grandma tells Aidan to put the food into the tube so that the chickens can eat it.  She also tells him to hurry so the little girl can have a chance, too.