An Alaskan Odyssey

    One bright morning in the middle of the night we arrived at the airport before it was light.  There we did receive quite a fright;  they were calling for volunteers to give up the flight.  We did finally get on the plane and reached Cincinnati, where the plane waited for a gate.  We sat there anxious lest we be late but finally we got out and took the bus to the next gate, where they asked for volunteers to take another flight. But, we made it to the plane, ( a bigger one now) and flew onto Salt Lake City and another transfer to a much larger plane. The flight to Anchorage was long, but we almost arrived before we started.   The clock, you see, was losing time as we went west.  So we arrived in the middle of the afternoon after traveling all day and part of the night, only to find that maybe our baggage was missing. Alas, the perils of getting old - it was not missing; we just failed to recognize our new luggage.  Then after finding the red-shirted Holland America people, we took the bus  to the Hilton in Anchorage.

    airmap of approach

    The tops of the mountains, including Mt. McKinley,  of southern Alaska were visible as we approached Anchorage.  We could see the snow covered tops poking through the clouds as we flew over or near the coast of Alaska.