A Long Boat Trip

the route

About ten years ago dad and a friend, Joe Richards,  engaged in a long boat trip on the tiny vessel, Inish Keen, a sailboat with auxiliary power.   The long journey started in Niantic, CT and continued down the Long Island Sound, up the Hudson River, across the Erie Canal and down Cayuga Lake to Ithaca, NY. The map, above, illustrates the trip with the days marked in alternating colors.  The arial photos and maps are from NASA

at the start
From Bayreuther Boat Yard, where the boat had been moored for a few years, the journey began, after an initial delay because of a failing inboard engine.
The boat was ready and willing to go, but a back up engine was needed to complete the trip.  As soon as the new outboard was mounted, the long journey began..
Duck Island
first stop
The initial crew was composed of dad and Joe Richards, but Uncle Joe and Patrick were on board for part of the trip.  After a late start we mananged to reach Duck Island where we set anchor for the night. 
The aerial photo with the blue dot shows the location of Duck Island, a bird sanctuary, and the coast of Connecticut.  The blue dot locates Inish Keen

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