Boat Trip - Page 2

in the morning
day 2
After a good night's sleep, we awoke and looked around and found that we were not alone.  A number of other boats had anchored during the night.
We then set sail into a blustering headwind  and finally had to motor to get to Black Rock where we stayed at a marina for the night.  The blue dot marks the approximate dock location.
at rest
looking over the boat
Joe R. looked over the boat after the rigorous sail in the Sound. 
He then gazed out to the riverway which we would take back to the Sound early in the morning.
Throgs nect
Another long sail and motoring got us to Larchmont after dark.  We found an anchorage next to Horseshore Harbor, where dad used to moor his boats when he lived there.  A fireworks displayed enlivened the early evening. We picked up Uncle Joe at the beach the next day. 
Uncle Joe joined us for the trip around Manhatten.   As we started toward the dreaded Hell Gate, the scene of many nautical disasters, we passed the Throgs Neck Bridge.

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