A Trip to Boston

In June, Heather and Emily traveled to Sturbridge and Boston to see what they could see and all that they could see is shown here on these web pages.
little pigs
Arriving at Sturbridge Village and hearing of the new born pigs, they rushed to see these little animals.
There are the little spotted pigs - they look just like small little dogs, but they will soon be a hefty 600 pounds or so.
Then the girls ran to the corral outside the main house in the town to see a mixture of cows and horses eating hay.
Inside the barn, they found some sheep and new lambs who were born this spring.
The girls then went into the kitchen to learn about cooking in the old days.   Where is the stove and the sink?
The colonial pointed out the recipe for ginger bread.  Emily exclaimed, " Do you really have to do all that?"