The Beginning of the Dynasty

It was time for Easter Vacation for a group of Radcliffe girls who were in their Junior Year.  They realized that they would be graduating the next year so they were looking for something special to do during this Easter Vacation.
the hostess
the house
One of the girls had a summer home(seen in the background)  in Plymouth (where the Pilgrams landed) and she invited the girls to come down for the vacation. It was the middle of April so it was still too cold to swim, but they felt that they could find something to do while there.
The picture of the house is seen above as it looks in recent times and in the fall, but not much else besides the swimming pool addition has changed  since the mid 1920s.  
the arrival the games
The girls arrived in the costumes of the time with all of their luggage for the great vacation in Plymouth. The girls above were Barbara Brophy, Clarie Gagen (dad's godmother), Fran L and Mary Concannon (otherwise known as Nana). There were a lot of things for the girls to do.  For example they busied themselves with croquet. Actively  engaged in the support are Claire Gagen and Mary Concannon.
the boys girls
But  then along came a group of older men.  They had graduated from BC the previous year and were now men of the world.  From the left were Al Fallon (in Dental School and later mom's godfather), Al Keenan ( in Harvard Business School) and Maurice Hart ( a graduate student at BC).  The looming shadow in the foreground  was that of Anne Campbell who took all the pictures on the page.   In this picture, the girl behind the camera, Anne Campbell, was at the far right.  The other two are Claire Gagen and Barbara Brophy.  They are on the grass near Margaret Driscoll's summer cottage.
girs and boys
The girls met the boys and they  got together on the chilly beach for a winter's day at the beach.  On the left were Fran Cavanaugh, Margaret Driscoll, Barbara Brophy and Mary Concannon., while on the right were Al Fallon, Maurice Hart and Al Keenan. The story did not end here for Al Keenan later married Mary Concannon,  while Maurice Hart later married the girl behind the camera, Anne Campbell.   Many years later, Mary, the daughter of Al and Mary married Maurice the son of Maurice and Anne.   Their story is told in another page.

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