Canada Trip

a start a cottage
It was a dull dark morning with lots of fog as we headed for the crossing into Canada via Campobello Island.  It was hard to see the border guard house and the Welcome Center and we wondered if we would see anything, but by the time we arrived at the Roosevelt Cottage, the view was beginning to clear so one could see what the Roosevelts saw from their porch. Next door to the Roosevelt cottage was this small cottage which had been left to FDR by a close friend  of the family.  You can see the relative size of the cottage by looking at mom who was standing over by the porch.
another cottage lighthouse
The Roosevelt cottage was a primitive dwelling with room for a few people.  There was only FDR and his wife, the four kids, a tutor, a small compliment of servants and a few guest rooms.  When the family came up to this wilderness they had to bring about 14 trunks and cases of food in addition to a few servants.  It was a tough life.   At the end of the island there was a lighthouse to which one could walk at low tide.  The tide was low, but the walk was rough and this old couple decided not to risk the trip.
the stairs the ferry dock
Mom looked back after seeing the long flimsy iron steps that led up from the beach to the lighthouse.  The beach seen below would be covered when the tide came in.  After a stop for lunch it was time to leave the island. Therefore we followed the signs to the ferry and the road ended at this beach.  Mom was carefully looking for a ferry dock, but none was to be seen.  As far as one could see, there was nothing but beach.  There was a sign that gave the ferry schedule and cost but nothing else to indicated the ferry.  

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