A Weekend at the Carey's

    On the third weekend of January, mom and I spent a weekend at the Carey's while their parents were away.  It was a typical January time and the camera caught some of the activities that went on during the weekend.

going down
Here, the champion sled rider, Will,  gets ready to go down the slope.  He adjusts the rope for the stand-up run. 
Down he goes, holding tight to the rope as he speeds down the steep slope at full speed.
I'll tell you all about it
After his successful run, he describes every detail to his friend from across the street, who is about to take the perilous trip himself.
Meanwhile, in the house Will's sister, Marissa, practices her piano playing.  From the calm stature of her dog, Sheba, you know that she must be quite good.
clean up
mighty leap
Upstairs we find that Katherine is dutifully following her mom's instructions and is carefully cleaning up her room.  She did a very good job as you can see.
Marissa did not take gymnastics for nothing. Here, she is starting on her great leap across the kitchen.  It was quite a leap.