Carey's - 2

the cat
Katherine comes down the stairs with her favorite animal, a cat named Angel?
The Carey children are always well behaved and this picture shows that they eat their lunch in a very proper manner.
Grandma at the piano
Katherine down
This meant that Grandma could get some time to practice her concerto at the grand piano, while Sheba looks off to the distant horizon.  Maybe Grandma needs a piano.
After lunch it was out to the snow fields, where Will looks down at his fallen sister, lying still in the snow.
Two down
Katherine up will down
But, alas, it wasn't long before he, too, was down in the cold, cold snow.   Will they ever get up?
Katherine revives and tries to rub some life into her brother with a handful of snow.  I am sure she is only doing it for his own good.

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