Dance Recital

Liam? the start
We arrived at our seats and got the camera ready and focused for the stage, but this little kid appeared in the picture out of focus. His mother should tell him to look at the stage and not at the people in the row behind him.   Close to the beginning of the recital, Marissa had a solo performance entitled  I Believe.  Here she is shown close to the start of the performance.
getting going ready to twirl
The dance involved many moves and she covered the whole stage during her performance.   Included in her performance were a number of cart wheels and she is about to start one in the picture above.  She does them very well.
spinning ending
She had a number of spins in her routine, but they were too fast for the camera  to catch and she shows up as a blur. This is close to the end of the spin.  Marissa won the gold trophy for her solo performance and she was very happy about that.

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