New York City 'Prairie'

dinner old folks
As a guest of John and Mary Anne D, mom and dad traveled to New York to see the 'Prairie Home Companion'.  Before the show we met with John  for dinner at an Italian restaurant.  Around the table were John, JohnD, Mary Anne, Maura D and mom. Someone got a shot of this old guy with mom, after the dinner was over.
younger folks happy folks
John D and Mary Anne seem to be happily anticipating the evening's entertainment Then there was this very happy threesome.  Behind them you can seen the racks of wine on the wall, but the levity and the wine were not related.
breakfast by the sundial
The show was great and got out late, this resulted in a long wait before we reached our hotel in Jersey City.  The next day we met John D and Mary Anne for breakfast at the hotel.   After breakfast, we went out on the pier( the hotel was built on a pier)  to view the New York skyline across the river. Dad, mom and Mary Anne stand in the shadow of the giant clock.

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