Fall - the School Year Begins

It is now Fall and time for the start of the new School Year and crowds of happy kids are heading off to learn lots of new things. 
all ready
at the bus stop
Heather and Emily with the two kids from across the street are almost all smiles as they get ready for the first day of school.
When they get to the bus stop the crowd gets biggers and there are more smiles to go around.  I guess for most this is a happy day.
aidan at the door
at the computer
Even Aidan has a smile as he poses outside his preschool.  He is anxious to get inside and
start working with his computer.   This is the first time he has had a chance since last spring.
ready for the season
the doctor
Out in State College, Jake is all ready for the new football season.  He is sure to make a big name for himself and maybe the colleges will notice. 
It is Halloween time and a mysterious doctor has appeared next door.  Be careful, it looks like he is ready to operate.

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