Fall 2008 - Page 6

Now that he has the stethoscope on, Liam is a real doctor.  After this we went to the back porch and watched the fireworks in the sky.  The town set them up just for Liam's birthday.
The next day Liam got his fireman's outfit, complete with walkie-talkie and ax.  He was ready to go and fight the fire.
the captain
Liam paid careful attention to the walkie-talkie so that he could get the instructions from the chief.
Now he is all set to go and put the fire out, even in the financial markets.
a crowd
Later, Susan and Will4 came over to see all the presents that Liam received for his birthday. Where will he put all those presents?
It is time for districts and Emily is ready for the start with the rest of her team.

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