Fall 2009

field hockey
It is time for another field hockey game and Trail (on the right) is ready.  Heather is in the middle of the Trail group.
As they wait for the game to start, Heather relaxes by leaning on her hockey stick. Let's hope it doesn't break.
in action
a car
The play has started and Heather runs very quickly to pick up the orange ball before her opponent gets to it.
It looks like a car might be in Emily's future so she brought her servants out to wash it.  In this picture she is demonstrating the use of the hose wand. 
As she finishes up the spraying she has the others busy drying the car.   Alas, this was the beginning, but now the car sits in the driveway and has become covered with golden leaves. 
But here is Emily running hard for Prep with a fellow team member behind her. It seems you have to run before you can ride.

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