Fall Tales - Page 1

emily and heather aidan and john
When Sharon came to visit us with John, she took a few pictures and some of them are on this page.  She had brought some apples with her and Emily is busy eating one, while Heather stares into space.  (Photo by Sharon) John tries to look at one of the many framed photos while Aidan perches on the chair above him eating an apple and laying his arm on John's head as if it were part of an armchair. (Photo by Sharon)
john over aidan emily and
When Aidan falls behind John on the chair, John pretends to be asleep, which leaves Aidan in a predicament.  (Photo by Sharon) Emily sits pensively while sitting next to the old man who resembles Popeye. It was probably a difficult position to be in.  (Photo by Sharon)
heather and aidan brownie
Heather carries her lazy brother, Aidan, and passes the flowers in front of the house.  He must have been heavy after eating all those apples.  He probably had some cookies, too.  (Photo by Sharon) In a  trip to the Philadelphia area, we found this young Brownie ready to go on a major excursion to the Philadelphia Water Works.  I hope she didn't get wet.  

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