Dalton Fishing Derby 2010

getting ready
The young fishers are gathering.  They have arrived from Philadelphia and Syracuse to join the Dalton gang for a great day of fishing at the annual Dalton Fishing Derby. Emily helps Ainsley as Liam gets ready for a bike ride on the bike that Jordan has.
Maura has Henry, who will not be allowed to fish since he is too young. Alissa helps with the double stroller while Jordan still has Liam's bike.
ready the chariot
Jordan finally lets Liam get to his bike. Chuck has Campbell and will be putting her in the stroller.
It looks like the twins are in the stroller and the caravan is ready to make the trip downtown.
more swinging
We arrive before the fishing starts so Campbell tries out the swing.  She enjoys it, Henry watches and Liam feels a bit left out.  He just wants to start  fishing.
Maybe he will give his sister a push and help her fly through the air.

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