Annual Dalton Fishing Derby

Liam getting ready the grand scene
Liam was in Dalton for the Great Fishing Derby, but he had been a little sick, so he needed some special refreshment before setting out for the great event. Down in the park, a big crowd (for Dalton) had gathered under the pavilion to register for the event.  Liam had already registered by this time and so had Emily.
the young the old
The Fishing Derby was fun for the very young, who preferred the swings to the stream, and to the old, who preferred to sit and watch the great event.
the action Aidan caught one
But, to others, like Aidan, it was time to get fishing for the big ones in the creek.  He has his bait and line in the right place, but will he catch a fish? Aidan has caught one!  Aidan watches as his father puts a line through the fish so he can bring up to be measured.

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