A New Garden at 107

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Late on Wednesday night, Mary Anne arrived at 107 with a van load of plants, pavers and tools.  Early the next day, she set to work to change the lower lawn  into a great garden.   The first task was to lay out the circle for the ring of pavers that would outline the grass plot in the center of the garden.  The bright yellow line on the grass is the location of the gas line which lies only inches below the surface.
old lawn circle
Mary Anne finishes the marking of the circle with her makeshift compas and white powder.   Now it was time to dig the 42 ft by 1 ft trench for the pavers.   After half a day's work the trench has been dug and partially filled with gravel.  Also,  the pavers have been laid out ready to put in the trench once the paving sand has been added.
with gravel good view
In addition, the bigger plants have been placed in the position they will occupy when inserted into the ground. Everything is now ready for the paving sand and the long task of putting the pavers in the trench.

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