A Trip to the "Gates"

We took at trip to Philadelphia, the Orchestra for to see and stayed a night at the Harts, the kids for to see.  Then we traveled to New York City to see the Grand Commotion in Central Park, labeled the "Gates"
Keenan tried unsuccessfully to hide behind his father's legs, but he had to peek out and the camera caught him. 
Later, mom tries to coax him out of the basket as his cousin, Nadia, looks on, but he seems determined to stay in his lair.
Keenan in a basket
the pretty girl
Keenan then comes out of his den, roaring at his Aunt Leanna, while Jordan plays peacefully in the background. 
Jordan, who is the very model of deportment, peacefully looks at the family photo album, while the other antics are going on.
intense play
kids at play
Keenan demonstrates the proper use of the plastic implements to his cousin Nadia and Aunt Leanna, while his mother, Alissa, observes from the background.
While Jordan rests comfortably in the basket and Keenan explains the intricacies of the use of plastic toys, Nadia makes an end run around to get those implements that Keenan has been guarding.