The Harts in the 1930s

Maurice spent a lot of time at the Campbell summer home in McLarenville on  the Shawsheen River  in Tewksbury, MA.  There was lots of good swimming there in the summer. Another attraction at McLarenville, was Anne, who had spent her summers there for a number of years.
mom again
This was the Campbell summer cottage and parked by the garage was a Studebaker Roadster which belonged to Maurice.  This was a photo of Anne at about the time she was married to Maurice.
the apartment
dad at summer house
Maurice and Anne(dad and mom)  were married on Nov. 7, 1931 and they lived in this apartment in Jackson Heights in New York City.  Grandma and Uncle Joe Campbell  posed for a picture outside the apartment. Maurice was a happy guy and they made a happy handsome couple.  They were expecting a baby soon after their marriage.

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