The Harts in the 1940s

The Harts started out the 1940s in Maplewood, NJ, but these were the war years and things changed and they moved first to Crestwood, NY and then to Larchmont, NY where they lived in 1945 and until the kids left home.
birthday nancy
The two boys were all dressed in white for a birthday party.  Each carried a brightly wrapped present for the party down the street.   Nancy wanted to go, too, but she was too young and the party was only for boys.  Nevertheless, she was all dressed up and ready to go.
kids the boys
What did Joe do with his sister, Nancy?  He had put her in the clothes basket.  He had better be careful or she will go out with the wash.   The good old days were very formal and one had to get dressed up for every occasion.  Here Joe and Marc modeled their best suits before going out to play.
all the kids seesaw
Of course, Nancy was all dressed up, too, so she joined the two boys for a picture of all the kids.  The picture was taken in the backyard of the Maplewood house. When she wasn't all dressed up, Nancy spent her time in useful occupations such as riding this mechanical horse.

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