The Harts in the 1940s - Page 2

a french gir; first communion
The frills and ruffles have gone and Nancy had adopted the dress of a French girl..  It must have been the war news. However, Marc was a picture of innocence as he stood dressed in white for his First Communion Day.  Actually, this was a makeup day since he was sick on the scheduled. day.
on the swing on the beach
Nancy had retreated from the French fashion and was dressed appropriately for the back yard swing. The family had gone to the beach for the day in northern Nova Scotia.  In the back were Grandma Campbell, mom, Uncle Bill Campbell,holding Nancy, and Joe and Marc were in front.
campbells ice cream
This picture taken  outside of Grandma's house in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, showed mom, Uncle Bill and Grandma Campbell. The house was ideally located with a store selling ice cream right across the street.  The boys have quickly consumed their cones, while Nancy had dallied a bit and the ice cream had started to melt and flow all over.  

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