The Harts in the 1950s

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There was a reunion at Boston College for the graduates of 1926.  Dad was in the class and was in the picture above at the left of the third row from the top. Al Keenan was in the same class and was also in the picture.  He was at the right of the fourth row from the bottom.  
grandma campbell joe at radcliffe
Grandma Campbell was now living with us since her Parkinson's disease had gotten worse. Her favorite place was in the sun room in the front of the house. In 1953, it was time for a college reunion for mom at Radcliffe and the whole family went up to Boston for the occasion.  The picture of Joe was taken in a Radcliffe dorm.
marc at radcliffe sudents or athletes
Marc was in the room, too, and stood with a daughter of one of mom's classmates, Mary Costanza.  Marc was now at Fordham College. Dad was active with the Student Council of the Fordham Business School and was discussing matters with some of the officers of the Council.  At least one of these young men was a star on the Fordham football team.  

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