The Harts after 1960

nancy at home
This was Nancy's graduation picture from College.  She was now a nurse and had left home.  The only one left at home was Joe, but he was quiet and in the background.   That meant that the entertainment could begin and the house began to shake with the riotous parties.  This was a Larchmont group and included from the top: Marie Keller, dad, Dolph Lemoult, Dr. Stulik, George Case and Eva Stulik.
not alone more
A slightly different view showed Roy Keller, Ann Duross, Marie Keller, dad, Dolph Lemoult, Dr. Stulik and George Case. Then from the left were Jerry and Beryl Navangili, Gerry Case, Charlie Duross, Alice and Joe Vandernoot, Betty Leary, mom and Fern Lemoult.
mom and dad others
As the party worn on through the night there was some rearrangement of the people and this time mom and dad were flanked by Fern Lamoult on the left and Roy and Marie Keller on the right. The above view contained Beryl Navangili, Gerry Case, mom, Alice and Joe Vandernoot, Betty Leary and Fern Lemoult

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