The Hart Family Pictures

    Some of the Hart Family pictures from the past are included on these pages.  They begin with a family photo of my great grandfather's family and also contain some pictures of my father and some of his brothers.
John Hart's family - 19th century
    In the picture, bottom row from left to right are Katherine, John and his wife Mary D., Bill and Charles, while the second row contains Mike, Dan, Cornelius and Jack. At this time the family was living in Boston.
Mike, who was born in 1871, was also a telegrapher,  then a lawyer and clerk of the court, besides being a first violiinist with the Boston Symphony.
Dan, who was born in 1870, was a policeman at the Old Court Square Station and also at Division 9 in Roxbury, MA.
Cornelius or Con, my grandfather, was born on Jan. 21, 1967.  He was a telegrapher for the Boston Globe  and one of the Knights of the Keys.
Jack, or John T. Hart, was born in 1864 in Craford, County Kent, England.  He was a telegrapher for the Boston Globe and other agencies.  He was one of the "Knights of the Keys", which included  his brothers, Mike and Con. He used to climb a telephone pole outside the Boston Red Stockings stadium and send the scores to the Boston Globe.
Katherine, who was born in 1873, became a nun and was known as Sister Eugenia of the Sacred Heart.
John, the father, was born in Middleton, Cork Ireland in 1840.  He was a stone mason.
Mary D.
Mary Driscoll, the mother, was born in 1836 in Skull, Cork, Ireland.  She married John Hart in 1863.
Bill, was born in Boston in 1866 and worked as a telegrapher for the Boston Globe.
Charles, who was born in 1874, was a lawyer and clerk of the court and also a first violinist with the Boston Synphony.