Ian Graduates from High School

prom 1
prom photo
Ian is graduating from High School, but first there is a Prom to attend.  So he is all dressed up for the grand occasion. (Photo from Pegeen)
Having rarely seen their son in such formal attire, mom and dad move in on the picture.  (Photo from Pegeen)
with date
Another requirement for the Prom is a date and Ian has a lovely young lady to fill this requirement.   (Photo from Pegeen)
Now the grand event is happening and Ian receives his Diploma on the stage.  (Photo from Pegeen)
return from the stage
Picture with the graduate
After a long trek down the aisle, the graduate approaches his seat with the diploma in hand(Photo from Pegeen).  
The next item on the agenda is a photo session of the graduate, and a young lass named Katherine is one of the first to get in on the act.  (Photo from Pegeen)