Pictures from Ireland

    Peggy and family took a trip to Ireland in 2004.  They took a number of pictures and some of them are displayed here.
group 1
grandpa's house
Paddy Concannon(nephew of mom's grandfather or mom's first cousin once removed) with Mrs.Higgins, her granddaughter and son, Jerry(coming out of the door). (Photo by Peggy).
This is the house where mom's great grandmother grew up and where she married Pat Concannon.  Mom's grandfather was born here.  (Photo by Peggy).
young boy
Here are Jerry Higgins (mom's second cousin once removed), his daughter Katie and Paddy Concannon, Jerry's grandfather and the nephew of mom's grandfather. (Photo by Peggy)
This is Jerry's son, Geroid Higgins.  (Photo by Peggy).