A Trip to Ireland to see the Eagle

A group of residents of Waterford,  CT went to Waterford, Ireland to meet the US Coast Guard Barque, Eagle when it arrive in Waterford, Ireland after its transatlantic voyage from New London. We tagged along to watch the event and see how Ireland had changed in 27 years.

We arrived in Dublin rather early so we had a tour of the city and this was one of the first stops. This is St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin.  It was built near the well that St. Patrick used to baptize converts.  The church now belongs to the Church of Ireland since Henry VIII in the 16th century got rid of all the Catholic churches.

This is the Pembroke Hotel where we spent the first night. Mom is coming out of the main entrance.  There was also a lower entrance for those who were stairs challenged.

On that first night we got together with Tony's Irish family at a local pub.  We sat at a long table and puzzled over the menu. The people are Eamon, Pat, a first cousin of Tony's, Peggy, Felicity (Tony's sister), Noreen, Joe (Tony's brother), Tony, Philip (Felicity's husband), mom, Marcella, Sheri (Director of Operations for the Chamber of Commerce).

We see that Eamon, Pat, Peggy, Felicity, and Noreen are carefully studying the menu.

Mom is carefully explaining to all as the waitress is recording the orders.

The next day we traveled from Dublin to Waterford and stopped at this shopping mall on the way. Here, Peggy, mom, and Sheri are enjoying some coffee. 

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