The Story of John

baby john
at rest
In 1963,  a new brother came into the family.  John was born in Virginia and is the only one in the family born  in the South.
At a very young age, John showed off  for a neighbor, by waving his arms and kicking.
With the aid of his mother, he was able to sit up early and see the world in a new light. 
Next, he tried his crawling ability in the grass, but it probably didn't feel too good on his stomach.
on a hike
John with his family moved to Scranton at the end of the summer and the family was quick to take a hike around Lake Scranton.  John did not seem too excited even though Pegeen was trying to point out the interesting sites. 
Pegeen's birthday party was more to John's liking and even in his first year, he seemed to enjoy the proceedings with Pegeen, Mary Anne and a neighbor, Mori.

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