The Keenans in the 1930s

al in the car
Times were rough in the 1930s, but Al  was a young man determined to go places in the world.   And he did go places.  Here he was on Doc Fallon's boat with Doc and Ita Fallon and their trusty hound dog.
3 weeks a baby
It was not long after he married his Radcliffe sweetheart that this bundle of joy came into their lives.  She was christened Mary, but called Polly due to the proliferation of Marys in the family.   A close up of the baby, also at three weeks, shows a very determined young lady of serious disposition.  
with mom
2 months
In her mother's arms she was quite content  and peacefully slept.   At two months she was approaching a sitting position and practicing the art of smiling which she would perfect at a later date.  

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