The Keenans in the 1930s - Page 2

2 months couple months
At three months, Mary was beginning to develop a studious look and was almost ready to read.   However, she still needed the support of a leg and an arm to be in an upright position.
five months
6mo portrait
At about five months, Mary was all dressed in a snowsuit with shoes so that she would be able to safely walk around outdoors. By the time she was six months, it was time for a formal  portrait so that she would be ready to make her formal debut at the Christmas Ball.
five months
a year or so
After diligently reviewing the clothes at the store, Mary finally decided on the dress that she would wear to the Ball and as you can see she was quite happy with the choice.   But, alas, soon she was an old lady of one years and it was time to make a thorough investigation of the yard  in which she had been confined.

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