The Keenans in the 1940s

Mary and Pat were playing on the great gym built by their father on the Milton house. The jungle gym was built from scratch using plumbing parts and other materials. This was Al, the man who built the gym that the girls did swing and climb upon. He was a young man going places in those days.
swing set
The gym had a ladder that was taller than both of them combined.  Mary was on  top and Pat below, but there was enough space to fit in one more pkay. The full extent of the apparatus, which even includes a seesaw, is shown above and it can be seen that the happiness of the young girls is radiating out in beams of light.
the girls
The girls were now 6 and 5 and it was time for another formal portrait.  This was a colored black and white photo, which was popular at the time. After the long photo session, the young models took some time out to relax on the beach on the North Shore. They were dressed in the elegant swim suits of the day.

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