The Keenans in the 1950s

may procession
grammar school
As summer approached, Mary got to lead the May Procession in the booming town of Marlboro, which would soon become a major player in the digital computer industry. It was a proud day indeed, the oldest girl, Mary, was graduating from Grammar School.  This meant that she would get to finish her studies at that exclusive French Finishing School,  L'Academie de Sainte Anne.
Peggy and grandma

pat may procession
Peggy had gone to see her grandmother and she looked quite happy about it. The girls thought the food there was the best they had ever eaten even though their mother had doubts about its nutritional value.   Another year and another one of the sisters got to lead the May procession.  This year it was Pat's turn and she has a crowd  of followers on the big day.
four of a kind
BC on parade
Planning for a Radcliffe reunion brings the Keenan women together. From the bottom are mother, Pat, Mary and Peggy .  It looked like it went tallest to smallest.. It was the 25th reunion for these proud men of BC and there in the second row were none other than Al Keenan and Henry Barry  looking quite dapper in their white blazers and baseball caps.

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