The Keenans in the 1950s - Page 2

vineyard sailing
lead boat
In the summer the place to be for the older girls was the Vineyard Sailing Camp.  This picture showed a wide angle view of one of the great races of all time. A closeup showed these mighty sailing vessels in full form to rush past the finish line ahead of the pack. Number 11 was skippered by none other than Mary.  
on the beach
Pat must have been cold from the freezing water  at the Craigville Beach, since she is curled next to Mrs. Miley, while her daughter, Frances,  enjoyed the bright sunlight on the beach. However, Mary looked like she was bored as she leaned against the bath houses at the beach at Craigville. She was dreaming of the time the summer would be over and she would be back at her exciting life at St. Anne's Academy.
al a cleric
In the Fall, Pat shows what can be done while wearing the magnificent St. Ann's uniform.  She was able to balance and swing her sister Peggy with no problem at all. What is this ? Was Al a cleric?  This seemed to be a riotous proceeding and it was probably time for the Spanish Inquisition. .  While Peggy, was bringing in the charges, Ita Fallon looked on from the left, Nana was behind Peggy and Eleanor M was the hapless girl on the right.

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