The Keenans in the 1960s 

mom and dad
mom and dad
Mom and dad were relaxing at the Barry's summer house in Southhold, LI.  They looked like they were having a very nice vacation. A closer look showed that they were indeed having a great time.  This was one of the last pictures of dad since he died in December of 1960.
This meant that Nana had to find a job to support herself and Peggy.  In the process, she had this portrait taken. She did have time to travel and here she was with Aunt Miggs on a horse cart traveling around the ring of Kerry in Ireland.
Aunt Miggs got Nana to travel on the high seas as well. Aunt Miggs and Nana, at the right, were at their dinner table with other guests. Peggy was getting older and it was time for graduation from Concord Academy.  This was probably her graduation photo.  

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