The Keenans in the 1970s

sudbury c women
This was a house where Nana lived.  It was a wing on the Moineau house in Sudbury with its own private entrance which is on the extreme left of the picture. The Concannon's often got together and three were seated here.  Aunt Helen, Nana and Aunt Miggs were  enjoying a conversation on the Fourth of July. 
In this collection of Concannons were Uncle Joe and Nana in the rear and Aunt Miggs and Uncle Jim in front.  It must have been one of the annual Concannon rituals. It was Christmas time and Tony had arrived with accordion to entertain the guests.  In the background were O'Neil Keesham and John Dorsey.
It was Christmas at the Moineaus and the stockings were hung with care in the hope that St. Nicholas would soon be there.   In the meantime, the party continued with John Dorsey, O'Neil Keesham and Peter Concannon in the background and Uncle Walter, Aunt Helen and Aunt Miggs in the foreground.

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