The Keenans After 1980 - Page 2

Another look at the Concannon gathering depicted Uncle Joe, his wife Peg, Aunt Miggs, Uncle Jim and Uncle Walter. Here Uncle Joe was getting ready to climb into his shiny new car which gleamed brilliantly in the copious sunlight.
This Christmas was in 1980 and Nana stood tall on the left while some of the others can be seen in the mirror and they included Aunt Miggs, Peggy and Pat.   The men who were segregated into the living room included Uncle Joe, Tony, and Uncle Walter.  The women can be seen busily engaged in the background.
\miggs nana and pat
On one of their visits to Aunt Miggs, the Sheridans posed for this group picture.  From the left were Peggy, Aunt Miggs, Keenan and Tosh.   Nana and Pat shared a happy moment probably at Nana's home in Concord.  

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