The Keenan Family Pictures

    This is the story of Mary Keenan, otherwise known as mom or grandma, from her start as a baby until her marriage as shown by several pictures taken over the years.
mary 3 wks
This is the Driscoll summer home where it all began when a group of Radcliffe girls and Boston College boys met and netted two sets of grandparents for the hart kids, the Keenans and the Harts.
A few years later, Mary arrived on the scene and is shown here at the tender age of three weeks.
mary and mom
2 months
Here Mary,s mother, Nana, holds Mary during her first few weeks. 
At two months, Mary Keenan or Polly, as she was known to her family, was beginning to take on the world.
2 months
4 months
Here is another view of the three month old, relaxing in a chair imitating Winston Churchill.
At ten months, Mary was well bundled even indoors to keep the chill out.