Keenan and Anna's Wedding Celebration

first group
second group
We traveled to Vermont for the celebration of Keenan and Anna's wedding, and we found one of the first groups to arrive. Here Sean, MauraD, Mary Anne and JohnD are waiting for things to start. 
Then down the hill comes another group of stalwart travelers.  Chuck, Liam and Maura with a couple of sleeping beauties in the stroller.
sign in
Gig was one of the first to sign in on the small surfboard. This probably means that she will be one of the first to try it out on the waves.
Tony is getting ready for his role as Master of Ceremonies for the day.  Pat and Gig are watching the commotion behind Anna.  The commotion is actually Luca who is a little shy after just waking up.
down the aisle
Luca is still sticking close to his mother but he will loosen up later during the day. 
It was time for the ceremony to begin and the two Flower Girls lead the way through the light rain. 

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