Liam's Baptism - Page 1

in the Church posing
It was the third of March and time for the Lions to rush  in as  William Maurice White, otherwise known as Liam, was presented for Baptism  at St. John the Baptist  Church in Syracuse. It was early and the Church was empty so it was time to pose for pictures.  Here mom, Katherine, Maura and son, Liam, and Marissa pose for the camera.
more poses godfather and twins
Another pose includes Katherine, Maura, Marissa and Will4.  Liam seems to want to look anywhere but at the camera. Up in the front of the Church, Maura and son look at the baptismal font while the godfather has arrived with his twin daughters.
getting ready Liam is ready
Father Dan has arrived and it is time to get ready for the ceremony.  While Maura, Susan (godmother) and Fr. Dan go over details, Liam and Katherine are engaged in a staring contest. It looks like Liam is all dressed for the ceremony and is admired by Katherine  as Fr. Dan talks with the paternal grandfather in the background.

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