asleep side view
Here is Liam, the heir to the throne.  He lies here peacefully asleep unaware of what is about to happen.   He still is fast asleep in spite of the approach of the relatives who are anxious to see and hold the new baby.
full view father and grandmother
The father surveys his son in his small plastic boat.  It looks seaworthy and will probably float although at the moment it rests on a wooden cradle. Grandma H picked him up out of a sound sleep and he did object as most would do. His father looks on with a bit of wonder in his eyes as he observes the actions of his son.
another view photo op
They gather close to soothe the troubled son, but this grandma has had much experience with babies such as this and soon Liam has quieted down and it is time for Great Aunt Barb to get a good photo.

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