Liam's First Birthday

Liam is now one and there was a great celebration at his house in Syracuse.
ready the hat
It was planned as an outdoors celebration and Liam seemed a little suspicious of the activity around him.   They put a silly hat on his head and he was told to look over there.  Liam was obviously suspicious and wasn't going to be fooled by any of his father's tricks.
the yard iinside
They put Liam down on his blanket with some toys, but he was still a bit suspicious.  Then some rain drops came down and everyone moved inside. There Liam was able to play a 1 on 0 basketball game. Here he is straightening out the net so the ball will go through easily.
slam dunk with the feet
Liam has the ball; it is up! Its in! (with a little help from his mom.) Liam showed some other tricks that he can do with his feet.  Too bad he can't join the Globe Trotters.

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