Liam in Winter

with great grandma By the lake
Liam is visiting great-grandma, Bamp, way up in Canada.  Does he have a Passport, already?  (Photo from Maura )  While there, his mother figures he should try swimming in the Great Lake, Ontario.  Liam looks pretty confident here. Maybe he doesn't know it is winter.   (Photo from Maura )
a swim after the swim
Well, one foot got wet and that probably was enough for January.  Liam will probably try the water more fully in the summer time.  (Photo from Maura ) At least it is warm and comfortable when he is all wrapped up and in his mother's arms.  (Photo from Maura )
the family happy
Back in Syracuse, it was time for skating party in downtown Syracuse.  Everyone was going ice skating buy Liam.   It seems that they won't allow you to go skating until you can walk.  Liam thought that was discriminatory. (Photo from Maura ) But, after the cold outdoors it was great to be back in the warm indoors.  You can see how happy  he is in the warm indoor air. (Photo from Maura)

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