Liam's First Christmas

all ready 3 generations
Christmas is near and Liam is full of cheer - at least he is all dressed in red and white and ready to meet Santa.  (Photo by Maura) Three generations of Whites are gathered together this night.  The youngest is sleepy at this late hour. (Photo by Maura)
intense floating
Down in Dalton, the two cousins give each other a close scrutiny.  I wonder which one blinked first, Emily or Liam?  (Photo by Maura) After the battle of the eyes it was time to float in Grandma's bathtub.  He had better be careful or he will float right down the drain.(Photo by Maura)
with aidan with heather
In Dalton there were other cousins to meet.  There was Aidan, who held him so well he fell asleep in his arms. (Photo by Maura) Then there was Heather who made him sit up straight so he would not fall asleep, but he looks a little worried about the upright position.(Photo by Maura)

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