Liam in the Spring

on a bike on the swing with dad
Liam is going to the park.  There will be lots of  things to do at the park.  (Maura's blog) At the park, Liam gets to go on the swing for the very first time and it looks like he thinks it is great! (Maura's blog) Later, he tells his dad of his great adventures in the park and how he performed like a champion on the swing.  (Maura's blog)
with Susan ready with Marissa
Aunt Susan came to visit and Liam was very happy to see her.  (Maura's blog) Out in the back yard, Liam waves to all who are around.  (Maura's blog) Another favorite person is his cousin, Marissa.  Even though he looks a little uncertain, he is really glad to see her. (Maura's blog)
good a dog big duck
Out back in the garden, Liam samples some tulip bulbs.  He explained to his mother that if the squirrels eat them, why couldn't he?  (Maura's blog) Inside, the big shaggy, stuffed animal seems to be a favorite of Liam.  He probably doesn't care what kind of animal it is.  (Maura's blog) Wow, it looks like Liam has his first boat.  It must be a baby swan boat and will probably grow up to be one of the swan boats that  grace the pond in the Boston Commons.  (Maura's blog)

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