Luca in 2007

riding sleeping
These are pictures of Luca from Christmas 2006. It looks like Luca is getting ready to run around after a little practice  with this device. Christmas excitement can be hard on a little guy so Luca takes time to catch a few winks with his monkey friend.
eating posing
Luca really enjoys his food, but maybe he needs some practice in finding his mouth.  (Photo from Peggy) Now he is all cleaned up and ready for the camera and maybe to do some crawling. (Photo from Peggy)
with grandma with grandpa
Luca got all dressed up to pose with grandma and play with the ball.  (Photo from Peggy) At another time, Grandpa gets a chance to bounce Luca on his knees, but Luca notices the camera off to the side.   (Photo from Peggy)

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