Maggie is 18

Maggie (and one of her friends)  enjoyed an 18th Birthday Party  recently.   The golden carriages pulled up in front just after dark and guests descended from the coaches and walked up the red carpeted walkay to the palatial mansion where inside the hosts waited in full dress tuxedos.
arrival birthday girls
While the birthday girls were colorfully dressed, the mere guests were only allowed the generous colors of black and white.  In the above photo, Maggie may be seen directing the throng of guests to the proper room.  (Photo by Mary Anne) The two celebrants are shown here in their very colorful attire. Maggies dress is a gold-plated nylon (a very rare fabric) while the other birthday girl  is wearing a dress of nano rubies woven together (also very rare).  (Photo by Mary Anne)
the girls the spread
As can be seen from the above photo it is very easy to pick out the birthday giirl from the rest of the crowd.  This is very necessary when the crowd of guests numbers in the hundreds. (Photo by Mary Anne) Part of the gigantic spread for this grand birthday celebration is show above in this photo.  Of course truckloads of food were waiting in the driveway to replenish the supply when it ran low.  ( Photo by Mary Anne)
cross country wonder women
At the party there was a special appearance of the school girls Cross Country team.  This team has been winning meet after meet in their Fall Campaign and surely must rate near the top on the East Coast. (Photo by Mary Anne) These "Wonder Women"  flex their muscles to frighten away their competitors in future meets.  Let's hope that they didn't frighten away the rest of the guests.  (Photo by Mary Anne)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE!

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