Maggie Graduates from High School

inside first table
The old grandparents were a bit late so everything was well underway at Maggie's graduation party when they arrived. The party was held at the Harriton House.  The food was inside and the many tables were outside.   At this table we see Katherine, Heather and Jake along with grandma D standing at the end of the table.
next table another table
Around this table from left to the right, clockwise, are Ian, Chuck, Aaron, Katie, Emily and Marissa.  Aidan is standing  at the left of the table. From the other end of the table we can see the cousins, Emily, Marissa, Zach, Ian and Will4.  They are all gobbling up their food with the chop sticks provided.
outside step dance
Outside we find Sean and his girl friend, Amanda, looking away at the exciting things happening elsewhere.   Yes, of course, Will4 and Jordan have started and Irish step dance for the entertainment of the people, while Aidan is trying to climb the step rail in the background.

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