The Story of Mary Anne

In July of 1960 a little bundle of joy, named Mary Anne, fought her way into the world in a hospital in White Plains, NY.  In no time she was ready to come home and start her life.
Mom carefully carried her out for her first big event - baptism.
Her maternal grandparents had come down for the occasion and gathered in front of the Cooper Drive apartment.  With mom and Mary Anne are  Nana and Grandpa Keenan.
the watch
About a month later in Marlboro, MA, Grandpa Keenan began to teach her how to tell time.  As  you can see, Mary Anne is studying the watch very carefully.
By the Fall, Mary Anne was all set to travel in style in her limosine, with lots of warm clothes.
with mom
with dad
She is very happy to spend lots of time with her mother.
And even appreciates a ride from her father in the area behind the Cooper Drive apartments.

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