Maura D Graduates from McGill University

at McGill
Maura D has finished at McGill and will be graduating with distinction so the family and grandparents arrived  in Montreal to celebrate. Part of the crowd was seen walking through the McGill campus, but someone seems to be missing.
Oh yes, Sean.  He caught up after spending time in the Library studying for a big law boards exam.  In this group were John D, Sean,. Mary Anne, mom, Maggie and Maura D.
the clan
graduation tent
The same cast of characters posed in a different location on the campus of McGill.  Only the parents get to attend the graduation so the other family members celebrated early.
They then passed by the graduation tent, where all the graduations take place.  McGill has so many students that there are about ten separate graduations at the rate of 2 per day.
what now?
a little food
After the brief tour of the campus, it was time to figure out what to do next.  Mary Anne furiously studied the maps of Montreal to discover all the good places to visit.
The group ate some light lunch at an outdoor cafe.  There are many of these places in Montreal and they are very popular especially in the winter.

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